Matter comes to life through a Cosmic Mind in a perpetual orgasmic state. From this very state emanate Electricity and Magnetism, shaping all existing atoms, Matter being compressed Light. Therefore is Matter conscious. Therefore is Thought an expression of the Cosmic Mind. It only is when a human mind comprehends the Love vs Fear mechanisms that it lives in the Unconditional Now, when the search for Infinite Awareness surpasses the Fear of Being at the root of any polarized and dualistic thinking. There always is a third and right choice, which brings about a new set of dualities along with another third valid option - and so on. Even though there often seems to exist multiple choices, only one of them is correct. This because The Unconditional Now is a Natural Law onto itself (comprising the 7 Principles) and which eventually jeopardizes any long-term projections. Many happen to rethink their choices later on when realizing projections didn't hold their promises and/or leave them with additional unexpected burdens. The third option will always sound a lot more complex to achieve but offer more long-term solutions. Any choice following the path of the least resistance or resulting in more competitive social behaviors cannot enhance Life. In other words, the less Fear about the future, the more steady and flexible become romantic patterns.


Being overly preoccupied with the long-term future causes more 'left-brained' problems in the now. This Duality is inescapable. Moreover, it teaches us to follow our passions and dreams. Seeking to control romantic moods and outcomes is what causes irrational worries. Love represents an infinite creativity always occurring in the now and goes by the Natural Law of Cause and Effect, or Synchronicity. Just like for an artist or scientist meticulously working step by step and giving a daily undivided attention to their goal with their minds. Any human being can sense or feel a state of Love but many do not know how to set it into motion because of external or/and internal coercive factors.


Infinite Awareness, represented by the 'all seeing eye' in esoteric teachings, is the trait of a human mind always seeking to overcome Dualism with a third option as Knowledge is boundariless. The third choice exists for Free Will to express itself outside of any controlling structure and circular or linear thinking. The third choice is always found by compressing or merging of the two opposing ones, all of which means that possibilities are endless and the esoteric foundation of The Empathic Society. The Unconditional Now is the field of action of a Mind always accepting how things are, it is the only fashion to find out about a third choice. Being in Love is a state of Mind that allows this.


Love seeks to expresses Itself in all relationships, romantic or not. Empathy, compassion and respect are Its derived motions and cannot be enforced in any way. Forcing one's will or perceptions onto a partner or lover will just aggravate conflicts, and even possibly paving the way for a breakup. The Unconditional Now will always reveal itself, if the relationship is destined to expand, that qualities and flaws complete one another. The lacks of one is resolved by the qualities of the other - and otherwise. A pair has to be complementary but also allow Free Will to continually challenge this complementarity . This is the only way to make any relationship last. Although the term 'soul mate' is kind of a new age distortion making one fantasize about what is perceived as the right companion to achieve Equilibrium, a mind achieving Self-Love will tend to seek balance with similar minds as much too aware of the 'Lust and Bondage' entanglement. For many, this quest for Equilibrium can only come at the expense of a dilemma whose intensity is regulated by the willingness to precisely achieve Self-Love. Being in a soul mate relationship therefore doesn't especially translate into an interaction within which everything continually flows organically but is defined by the perfect match in terms of flaws and qualities. This to say that there are many wandering soul mates which will eventually cross path, whatever the chosen lifestyle. The term 'soul mate' isn't systematically a singular nor does it always imply a romantic bound.


There is no model for Love to manifest as the Unconditional Now, although there are three possibilities. The first one is 'spontaneous faithfulness or monogamy' which characterizes mates organically drawn to each other. Serial monogamy is a stretched version of it and is the most widespread trend and doesn't imply always faithfulness. The second is 'spontaneous loving' characterized by a polyamory lifestyle openly involving at least two - steady or not - relationships. And the third, 'universal loving' characterized by the choice to remain a single evolving without any kind of deep and long term bound, and which also is generally adopted by those who wish to experience long periods of time of Asceticism as their own connection to The Oneness is a constant primary drive. The word Asceticism is preferred over Abstinence as the Latter isn't always voluntary.


The problem is that the mainstream education does only regard 'monogamy' as paramount. This programming is quite harmful because a mind always seeks to expand and experience and when prevented from doing so by external coercive factors - and the ensuing Fear of the consequences of escaping a social mold that doesn't resonate within - will systematically generate growing frustrations and bitterness that will be blamed on the partner or lover rather than questioning the dogma itself. The Fear Of Being is always at the core of a dissonant Inner Self, and unfortunately mating choices will too often reflect just that. The fact is that 'spontaneous monogamy' is an unachievable aim for the majority due to a third option forever existing outside Dualism and which the Greater Reality makes available to balance and challenge any train of thought. Polygamy isn't mentioned as an option here as it is the most left-brained and coercive concept in term of relationship in modern societies but whose paradigm only works out in the case of remote and primitive tribes.


Dogmas as a whole induce sharp reality-conflicts and thus are all polarized expressions of our Physical Reality. And such conflicts distort the Self Image, and when the Self Image is being compromised, so are lifestyle choices. The Western society is now seeing an accumulation of dualities governing sexual orientations and gender wars that can only end with a Synchronicity Collapse, in other words, the end of all dogmatic values at once. Today most people are 'serial monogamous' and relationships end when failing to see beyond Dualism, highlighting the irrationality of serial monogamy as a dogma. Serial monogamy will only have a positive outcome if the perception of the Self can expand, otherwise the next relationship is condemned to repeat the mistakes of the previous one.


Nowadays, seldom are those 'organically wired' for 'spontaneous faithfulness' and it is most likely 'designed' to be this way, as The Unconditional Now is itself dual but will always mean to surrender to what it is and one's true Self. For the many, surrendering to what it is will translate into a sense of having failed to achieve happiness, while some will find their path out of the Maze and change their approach radically. This doesn't need to be way but will remain so as long as societies are unable to access this Esoteric Knowledge. Not that it would significantly increase the number of 'organically wired monogamous' but surely allow the exploration of the meaning of Sexuality as a fashion to probe and develop Self Love, which is the foundation of Love, and all its derived motions, within any type of relationship - along with the betterment of our rapport with the world as well. (to be continued)




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All opposites of all kinds extend from a mutual equator which is their common unity, and to that equator they must eventually return in order to repeat. Every pair must become one in order to again become two. Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocatve law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each other's unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. If the two unbalanced mates are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration - mentally, spiritually and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other. The pattern resulting from this spiritual, mental and moral development is compromised for good or bad by every contact between them - no matter how slight. This is true even outside the sex union - Walter Russel


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