Celine K. has been an adviser for about 25 years. Her advice is non-judgmental and offers self-empowering insights by helping you discover your soul's purpose and journey. She responds any questions as long as they do not project opportunism which is precisely as why 'divinatory sciences' have been vilified since ever. Health matters are not answered either as our food chain and unbalanced society are too often at the heart of the issues. Check out the external links the bottom of this page to become familiar with the best health oriented websites offering holistic guidelines.


Intuition above all: while Numbers tell about their own vibrations, dissonant vibes do not always translate into an impass. Celine's intuition always evalutates the 'empathy potential' in any delicate situation and what needs to be approached to increase it as she firmly believes that Numbers in Nature are bound to cooperate instead of competing. Even when Numbers are polar opposite, there is a great insight to learn at the condition that we want to.


Rate Of Acuracy?: Since Empathy is the ultimate drive of the 'Collective Consciousness' and that Paradigms can be changed according to what one wishes to experience, Numerology's accuracy is in fact flexible. Every situation does exist to teach us something, it is up to the individual to be open to the 'message' conveyed, although Synchronicity will determine how many times one will be put to the test. Everything is Karma, so avoidance of what is unpleasant isn't really an option, unless there is physical coercion involved. Every Number has its downsides and upsides which are subjected to Free Will. In other words, a series of best fitting Numbers doesn't always lead to happiness. And otherwise. If some people may feel stuck in a particular situation, others will find a great strength in overcoming the blocks.


How Benefincal Is It?: Just as any other divinatory science, Numerology is only benefical when one uses it to better oneself. Seeking to take advantage of it sets even more challenging patterns into motion as 'Synchronicity by Design' must operate absolutely randomnly to bring about fruitfull opportunities. Unfortunately, over the centuries the interpretation of divinatory tools has been adapated to the highly coercive structures of societies. Celine always looks into the patterns signaling when a paradigm break through may occur and more importantly how to prepare for it.



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