Reprogram Your Self

Celine K. has been a certified practitioner since about 2008 and would be eager to help you go to through a pattern cleanse.

My materials are only available online and can be ordered from anywhere in the world. A series of audios will be released in French this year yet. More inportanrly, this site does *not* offer hypnotherapy but inner-balancing guided by the understanding of Cosmic Laws.

I offer deep insights to help people discover their inner purpose and journey. Although I was born an empath and deeply spirtual, my level of awareness is also the result of working with shamanic guides. My sessions aim at enhancing the self in our turbulent society, and helping the later find its roots back. This site is above all dedicated to mindfulness and metaphysical exploration. Those seeking to participate in the awakening of Humanity.

Cosmic Synchronicity offers deep guided meditations that help reorganize priorities in life. The site plans to feature 10 guided meditation samples by June this year yet. Donations are always welcome. My guided sessions are for people who question and probe the meaning of The Oneness, which means that they do "not" offer any psycho-therapeutic advice of any kind.


Who Is Suggestible:
Although the consensus

indicates that more or less 2/3 of population is highly suggestible, the skills of the practitioner are too important. However some people may be more receptive to specific accent(s) and tones.


SKYPE Group sessions - What To Expect?
Group sessions (at least 2 perseons) address a topic more broadly but are still very efficient and ultimately may help one decide to ask for a tailored session for faster results. Group sessions are too suited for individuals who just want to relax with friends or/and are curious about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. After a group session, individuals are always encouraged to share their experiences.

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Global Crisis In Consciousness:
TV commercials selling happiness, comfort foods, and how scoiety's wants us regard success is sbuliminal hypnosis. As a matter of fact, humans beings never were programmed for hyper-consumerism and are now paying a heavy price in terms of emotions. Many deal with insecurity and distress, and have began to seek out answers elsewhere as a result. The core of the issue is complex and simple at once as it is linked to an deep imbalance between materialism and spirituality fragmenting our minds. The origins of this malaise is rooted in 'one size fits all' social imagery. This being said, some stress can be very constructive when the Subconscious enables ones to follow one's'dreams. We have forgotten what the 'to be mode' is really like and to revert this harmful pattern, the Higher Self has to be called in. Awareness is key when tapping into the Higher Self to boost emotional recovery and stimulate long-term habit changes even faster. To optimize the benefit of the sessions, it is however recommended to undertstand the psychic mechanisms as illustrated on this site as mindfullness is key.


Healing The Collective Starts With Each Of Us:
Humans are the cells of a body called Humanity and grasping that our current system is unsustainable greatly helps figure out where Hypnosis also fits in. It is as much essential as knowing why wholesome organic foods are better for our bodies. Meditation and Mindfulness thus stimulate our multi-dimensional Self, promotes inner balance, all of which makes us grow stronger by directly reprogramming our Subconscious to better what needs to be at our own level. It is only when we become more creative and intuitive that we can react more appropriately and find peaceful conflict-resolutions.