Psychoanalysis has long track records of being questioned and doubted by various trains of thought. The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality is itself a work inspired by several sources and merely offers another view against it. Nothing new has really been discovered about the Mind and Consciousness since The Mystery Schools, two thousands years or so ago, which themselves had mastered a much more Ancient Knowledge that seems to have existed since the beginning of Humanity. Over the centuries, mainstream philosophers linking 'emotion' to 'intuition' have always been at odds with those praising the values of 'reason' and 'logic', and such dual trends emerged because they both refute that the core issue is definitely Esoteric. Instead, they have spent their time focusing on either the Left or Right Brain. The esoteric aspect can only be perceived when probing the interaction between Intuition and Reason to uncover the Holistic Brain. Each side of spectrum alone cannot unveil the other side. Both sides are one. Nihilism and Atheism are the left-brained consequences of such a fragmentation whereas religious dogmas became the right-brained gatekeepers of the Maze of Consciousness by exploiting the Natural Law of Dualism to deter followers to find out about the Oneness. Such an important similarity voids all differences between dogmas.


Over the last two decades, neurology has remarkably demonstrated that Consciousness exists outside the brain but has persistently been more interested in exploring the brain as a computer device. This left brained approach debases the uniqueness of the Self and can be used to induces faulty and harmful programmings. Neural sciences as a whole have embarked on a war on the Mind to bypass and control Consciousness. Moreover and not so surprisingly, Psychiatry adds new cognitive dysfunctions yearly to its lexicon, which are in fact the symptoms of an ever increasing Body, Mind and Consciousness disconnect. Epigenetic Research is about to change this but the academic resistance still is considerable. Consciousness is the Field uniting the Mind and Body but which is somehow neutral as the brain responds whatever educational programming, and if the programming is inadequate, Consciousness releases low level vibrations that also can affect the Body. Although matter is conscious, the understanding of Consciousness, at a human level, is not a given as the Mind must be aware of It in the first place and then from there expand. The pace of expansion is different for everybody, and this explains why not two minds think alike: both have their unique perception about reality. The Mind must be aware of the Oneness to operate rightfully and conceive the Greater Reality which is purely objective. The Greater Reality implies the comprehension that all subjective realities express different views of the same Dual Phenomenon emanating from a Source also referred as the Oneness, Prime Cause or Field, Cosmic Mind or Aether. Ultimately, the Aether commands Electromagnetism without which Life and Thought cannot be propagated. Sciences would make a big leap forward and begin to serve Humanity if probing this Prime Cause instead of Its side effects.


Psychoanalysis, its main pitfall, is its refusal to tackle the Greater Reality and the Oneness Principle, hence exploiting Dualism to enforce norms. If we take a sincere and closer look, to some degree, we all mimic our parents' relationship history which themselves repeat that of their own parents and so on. Unresolved conflicts are passed on to the next generation. The irrefutable evidence, since it also occurs on a grand scale, is that societies do the exact same thing, and this with the ensuing disastrous consequences as explained in The Empathic Society. The Collective, the Mind Matrix, simply highlights the fact that unresolved conflicts at an individual level always impacts the whole and unless each human becomes aware of his own Fear Of Being, the Mind Matrix, cannot improve, and even worse, is the root cause of social upheavals. Just like people undergoing a couch therapy lamenting about their parents, masses whine about social and geopolitical issues.


Psychoanalysis' advocacy to break free from parental behavior and influence rather anchors the conflict even deeper as the emotional attachment to the parents play out as an resistance to achieve freedom from thoughts. By resistance it is meant that Power, psychic rebellion, must be used to detach oneself from the very bound. And this is impossible because Power derives from Fear. And Fear is but an illusion which the higher Self must surrender to instead of fighting it. There lies the explanation of so many therapy failures since 'Love is all that is' within The Oneness Principle and which is why dissonance cannot be resolved by another layer of conflict but Empathy. The blame game is a pervasive dualistic social template. Rebellion, or anger, itself is the obstacle as coming to terms with one's own Fear of Being, requires self-forgiveness to heal itself. And this is observable on a larger scale too. Revolutions, in that sense, have all failed their aims, the world is still dealing with oppression and a threshold is getting close to being reached. Freedom for Fear is to comprehend and process it. Less Fear means more Self-Love and more Self-Love means more Freedom and of course Empathy toward one another. One way or another, the Mind Matrix and the Cosmic Mind must remain in a state of Equilibrium - as much as possible.


The thinking that rebellion is needed to break free is the result of social Archetypes that have been revered since ever and were born along with Mythologies. The Latter are the framework of Psychoanalysis and various social concepts today. They also are the fetish of the entertainment industry. Mythologies narrate stories of narcissism and a thirst for Power between gods and semi-gods, fights with monsters or dark entities. This pattern of 'good versus evil' is definitely recurrent and still describes modern human interactions. To win the Love of the Self and being appreciated by others one must compete and/or kill - literally or figuratively. The outside must be changed to secure something or someone, and the expense can be calculated in sufferings imposed on others or self-defeat. The materialistic interpretation of Archetypes is another left brained application fueling social conflicts and also justifying the structure of any reward based system. If is only when the 'alchemic' meaning of the Archetypes is restored that we begin to unveil the full scope of their esoteric multi-dimensional rapport with the Mentalism and Gender Principles, and which C. G Jung had probed quite deeply. Unfortunately Jung's work never really took off as mainstream psychoanalysis chose to follow a materialistic approach undermining the true human nature.


There lies the inextricable dilemma of the Archetypes most humans emulate more or less unconsciously and is passed on from a generation to the next. There cannot be any external change without changing the mindset first. The Laws of Dualism and Mentalism are here to stay as they are essential to inner betterment and understanding of the Mind Matrix. Willing to get rid of them, ignore, bypass or exploit them is what causes social upheavals and individual disharmony. One of the main purposes of Life, if not ultimately the most important, is our own journey to reunite with Cosmic Mind, The Oneness, by processing the Fear of Being and comprehending why Fear is but a distortion. In this sense Psychoanalysis doesn't heal the Self but keeps alive one's inner fragmentation, hence imperils the connection with the Oneness.


Moreover Psychoanalysis has not only affected the way we think in term of Archetypes but deeply altered the Natural Law of Vibration, the meaning of 'vocabulary' and structural phraseology. How the language is spoken and the choice of the vocabulary has been drastically applied to the Left Brain mind's patterns damaging one' sense of logic. This evidence of a vibratory modification that doesn't resonate with the Holistic Brain instills further inner conflicts jeopardizing or twisting interactions. The words which have the most been affected by this framework are without a doubt: peace, freedom, war and slavery. But there is a myriad of other ones whose definitions have gone through a lot more subtle alteration. Although it would be exhaustive, if not impossible, to list them all, we can easily notice them when communicating and realizing one's mental blocks or that of others, and which happen when the opposition between the Left and Right Brain is too huge, whereas the characteristic of the Holistic Brain is which to process all incoming data spontaneously because of an insatiable self-existing curiosity guiding a perpetual need for emotional balance within. More realistically, Psychoanalysis didn't create the alteration of Language, which too self-exists within the Law of Vibration to start with but foresaw the advantage to anchor, mold and monopolize Western thinking. (to be continued)


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