The topic of sexual Liberty is a very daunting one as each individual has his own definition about it. To sort this fractal-like equation out we ought first to ask: what is Liberty to start with? A complex question with a simple answer: Liberty is symbolized by non-coercive actions occurring between people. But since there must be a resistance for Self Awareness to expand, coercion does exist within, in the motion of the Fear of Being. The less Fear of Being, the more Liberty - or Freedom - and not only sexually but in the broad sense. To objectively know one' Self has to remain a primary drive at all time otherwise any experience will just reawake the same dilemmas and as it often is the case, even exacerbate them. It is quite common, however, to engage in some hedonistic pursuit for a while then all of a sudden, and no matter how pleasurable the latter is, run into an dilemma demanding to requestion the very experience. This happens when Self Awareness can no longer expand due to the depletion of the inner energy flow, causing a Synchronicity Collapse, which is often perceived as the consequence of other external factors. Everything happens for a reason. Too much positive leads to its opposite - and otherwise. The fact that Polarities are interchangeable teaches the importance of remaining centered as much as possible, or there is a great risk of disharmony. That is precisely why religious dogmas vilify sexual Liberty but also foresee the possible awakening to full Awareness through Sexuality as an even bigger menace. We live in a Sexed Universe and this means that Sexuality is a Force to connect 'directly' with The Oneness. Hedonism and voluntary monogamy are polar opposites and both may lead to the same aftermath if understanding the Metaphysics of Sex, its esoteric sacredness.


The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality considers as hedonistic any relationship involving more than two lovers, such as polyamory to some extend, bisexuality, sex groups and sometimes sado-masochism which is a category on its own because it is a lifestyle that normalizes Lust-Bondage entanglements, and thus about power. Interestingly, dominance and submissiveness in that type of relationship is very blurred as such ends of the spectrum merge to the point that the dominant side perceives itself as submissive and otherwise. Switching to such extremes on a regular basis can only be sustained if there is enough creativity to revive the power game. Nonetheless, most embarking on such a path eventually end up, no matter how long it takes, to abandon sado-masochistism because they have explored all possible combinations and tamed their polarities within. The polyamory lifestyle cannot be entirely considered as hedonistic as such a lifestyle also implies a Love motion as opposed to the quest for pleasure, unless it clearly establishes the casual aspect outside the main relationship. Generally singles, and males more than females, do not fit well in the hedonisnic template, unless they are on a quest for a matching companion.


Hedonism is thus a fashion to explore such paths and to have a enriching conclusion, Self-Love has to be a prime motivation or that such an intent has to lead to that revelation. The success or setback generally appears in the outcome and will result in either frustrations or liberation. As previously argued in section 3, Lust is such an extreme polarity that it often seeks to tame itself or fosters disruptive ups and downs, hence brings about either a reprieve or frustration. Frustration will often drive to repeat the experience, sometimes mindlessly, until a break point occurs whereas liberation will often lead to the discovery of another dimension of the Self Image. The break point manifests an opening for the Mind to realize and achieve a temporary liberation from Dualism. Temporary because Dualism cannot be avoided and exists as a Principle to perfect our emotions and recognize our weaknesses, in other words, become better humans and ultimately, discover Selflessness as a Force.


These days, Hedonism seems to be everywhere because Sex always sells, and thus has fallen prey to the Left-Brained society we live in. Despite the so many 'circles' offering pleasure, there isn't much Hedonism in this economic landscape but the opportunity to access a quick boost to cope with the daily routine, though one may encounter a few real Hedonists hanging out at those happenings. The challenge is which mentioned in the Economics Of Sex. Too often pairs of lovers or spouses mainly choose Hedonism because they either seek to spice up their fading intimacy (relationship could be at stake) or consider the move as authorized cheating to secure the future. If there is any materialistic aim, such as regarding Sex as an investment tool, Hedonism is not going to be fulfilling but rather used as an escape from the Fear Of Being.


Although Sex has always fascinated and sold, the Commerce of Sex breeds more conflicts that it resolves them, unless it is devoid from the slightest romantic or even friendly attachment, what is observable in pornographic movies. Though the way Pornography is perceived is misleading because actors, no matter how liberated they claim to be, evolve in a such extreme left brained reality, that their personal lives are real emotional roller coasters. Money and emotions just do not mix, and when it happens that they do, the first always allows the second to take over for the better. This works on every level, not just Sexuality. The geopolitical trends sensationalizing fears to further control is a negative example. The same holds true for the Commerce of Sex sensationalizing orgasmic bliss to increase the need for Lust which is the materialistic expression of Sex. While Materialism disturbs the Law of Balance it also prompts to realign our minds with the same Cosmic Mind enabling this perpetually creating Universe. 'As Above so Below' is a Theosophical Axiom. Only the Mind can dictate such Natural Laws by embracing them in the first place as explained in the Unconditional Now and the Emphatic Society.


The Commerce of Sex mirrors our fragmented connection with the Oneness, and one way or another, the Cosmic Mind will remind us of Its all encompassing Force. The upside is that monetized hedonistic circles do exist to show why the mainstream attitude towards Sex has to break through its own paradigm. It is useful to remember the 'love mantra' of the Hippie Movement, which mainly failed because it preached and sold promiscuity enhanced by the commerce of drugs, therefore exploiting extremely polarized emotions, which eventually brought the movement down.


Although Sexuality's primary drive is to learn about Fear and master Self-Love, Hedonism is a path highlighting this even more. The fact is that the quest for Self-Love allows to overcome the temptation to use Sexuality as a power tool and/or be dominated by it. Becoming better lovers has little to do with 'quantity' but 'quality'; and quality will forever depends on Self-Love. Being overly preoccupied with seduction and sexual performance rather indicates a need for inner healing and probing the Fear of Being. Engaging in Hedonism thinking it is going to satiate sexual appetite brings about a tension demanding to repeat the experience over and over, until a break point is reached. The latter may translate into a sudden loss of interest combined with an impression of boredom or the understanding that Hedonism becomes a lot more enriching when practiced every now and then and not monetized. It is utterly important to notice those patterns for the sake to bring about more happiness in our lives, but also along with the understanding that for happiness to exist it has to be continually challenged by our ever changing, dual Physical Reality. (to be continued)



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All matter is electric. All matter is conditioned into greater or lesser strains according to the intensity of desire which is the cause of all electric strain to which it is subjected. The farther removed from rest, the greater the strain or tension. That which we call high electric potential is merely great strain to maintain a condition which is far from the condition of rest -- Walter Russell


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