The comprehension of the several Natural Laws mentioned in this work is essential since They do not only shape all forms of relationships but more importantly which with the Self. Natural Laws as demonstrated are immutable. Relationships are an extension of the Self. Emotions are holographic. Crises happen when the thinking sticks to old or rigid paradigms preventing Awareness from expanding, causing not only collective but individual history to repeat themselves. Consequences are often quite harmful. By adaptation to change it is meant coming to term with what it is that cannot be changed or finding a compromise. So when a Mind continually seeks and welcomes new approaches, it can rightfully be assumed that such a Mind is in a state of Self-Love, and of course has more Free Will. After all, the only Free Will that exists is the willingness to notice or not. Being humans also implies that perfection cannot be attained but knowing about such Mechanisms, greatly improves the quality of our perceptions of the Whole and is thus enhancing inner and world peace.


The idea of Free Will that most people have is either narrow or erroneous as the Collective is built upon a social reward system taking more than what it puts in as Power and playing by its rules motivates society. A reward system is characterized by an imbalance between investment and profit so to speak. As expounded in the Empathic Currency, profit cannot exist without investing as little as possible. There is no such a thing in Nature which organized Herself to remain in Equilibrium, one way or another. Power thus subverts this Equilibrium. The 'act of giving' has to be voluntarily equal to the 'act of receiving', though without 'giving' , 'receiving' is impossible and this means that 'act of giving' is a Natural Law. It works the same way for relationships. Investment in a relationship is called 'Integrity', a value so rarely in sync with seduction. Most people withhold information. hence misrepresent themselves, at the beginning of a relationship, and this will eventually set into motion a 'give and receive' disharmony due to distorted expectations. This misrepresentation is not always intentional but caused by the projection that a new romance will bring about an inner change. As long as giving and receiving even out, the interaction is highly satisfying. Paradoxically, such an Alchemy can turn out especially draining when it comes to sexual activity because it is almost impossible to indefinitely sustain the attraction level of the first intercourse, unless resorting to voluntary Abstinence to re-energized the inner flow. However, expecting rewards or leaving somebody in a state of unbalanced expectations is what exhausts and debases sensual intensity. Balanced expectations do not cause disrespect nor harm whereas the aftermath of 'Lust and Bondage' rather leaves an impression of emptiness within. Free Will has thus little to do with the 'spur of the moment', if nothing at all, but the grasp of the Principle of Correspondence initiated by the 'act of giving' and the awareness that Abstinence is also needed to pace and enhance sexual activity. Such dynamics does not only regulate Sexuality but also all other areas of Life.


There also cannot be any Self-Love by extension when replacing an action-reaction with another that exhibits the same coercive patterns at its core. While Psychoanalysis highlights the failure of the model, its hugest flaw is that it never questions the foundations of the latter but deems unfit whoever that doesn't fit in. The Trap Of Psychoanalysis offers a new glimpse at the ancient and Mythological Archetypes that have shaped the world we live in, and why it is about time to let them go. Self-Love and Free Will go thus hand by hand, although the Second is the consequence of the First. As explained in Bondage and Lust, the Fear of Being is at the core of what holds back to further explore Self-Love, its counter or dual motion. The Fear Of Being and Self-Love need one another to coexist and give Man a life purpose. Without a resistance there is no progression. Most people in a romantic relationship do not achieve Self-Love but rather seek a confirmation of their own subjective reality whereas Self-Love is an objective state of being continually challenged by deeply polarized social frameworks. As a matter of fact, until age six or seven, children record everything they hear and see as if in hypnosis mode. Our reward based system is a program. The latter too often determines the later life and makes Self-Love appear as a fantasy steadily eroding a relationship. The lack of Objective Self Image eventually leads to the realization that Lovers appear different over time from who they were in the beginning - but in the process they will gain insight about their polarized selves and be given the opportunity to change if they want to.


There is no model to achieve Self-Love however, simply because each human is a Fractal of The Whole and therefore has his own unique perception about the meaning of Reality. Today societies are about to fall off the cliff because of the models they have imposed. Under such circumstances, the majority of people may not be monogamous but rather force themselves into commitments to fit a construct, that one is born a workaholic and to raise children since a very early age. And as a result, children are too passed on the same misconceptions bringing about the same Fear of Being. It is thus not surprising that parents will often witness in their offspring the questions they haven't themselves resolved. Lifestyles have to be motivated by a genuine conscious choice, the problem is that education as a whole offers very restricted possibilities as our psyches are constantly under holographic pressure.


Very few know what Free Will really entails and way too many think that celebrities and the porn industry have the answers for them. Sexuality has always been controlled as it is the surest fashion to keep people extremely polarized. High polarization subverts the Principle of Gender and generates all sorts of inner conflicts leading one to believe that a certain behavior is preferable over others. One thing is certain though: where there is 'Lust-Bondage' there isn't any Free Will nor Self-Love but Fear of Being. A true Free Will advocate does not act under pressure but aims at mastering self-control and an objective state of being while remaining open to experiences. Nothing is a given and every option has dual aftermaths. Succumbing seduction too often comes with a price tag, which is the end of an illusion instilling resentment, remorse and or a lack of Empathy.


The total loss of sexual balance can only translate into its opposite, self imposed Abstinence or voluntary Asceticism. It is all about learning when to let it go and refrain oneself. Every compulsive behavior seeks to be satiated and thus to tame itself, aspires to a temporary reprieve. Instead of understanding the Mechanism of Duality, this reprieve can be felt as being forced upon one. The Principle of The Law of Correspondence, consequence between cause and effect, should be regarded as the karma of over-sexualized and repressive societies alike, which leaves the imprint of a disconnect from the Self in their wake while keeping the Body, Mind and Spirit framed into low frequencies facilitating further collective programming.


The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality operates within very specific paradigms. As a matter of fact, even Hedonism has its own sets of rules one has to go by to be an enriching experience. There is no Sexual Freedom nor Self-Love without knowing about the boundaries of polarization and having a partner - or lovers - aware of it too as unfettered excitements end up recreating the same bondage one wishes to escape from. (to be continued)



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