To answer this question, one has first to ask: is chasing money and wealth accumulation the sole purpose of Life? If Life is all about it, seeking any spiritual path doesn't make any sense. So why were mythologies and religious dogmas created the first place? Intuitively, man knows that he has to surrender to all encompassing Force existing outside the realm of his perception, and this brings about the Fear of Being along with the ensuing fear of his own finitude. So in order to overcome this feeling of aloneness, man is prompted to find an escape by manifesting creativity, and each of his innovations are passed onto the next generations, which in turn continually improve the perception of his environment. The 'Act of Creation' is the purpose of Life and dictated by The Cosmic Mind. It is thus man's own willingness to grasp this, and if he does not his own creations will just reflect his inability to create out of Empathy and he will rather be tempted to use creativity to strengthen control structures, resulting in more Fear of Being. That very dual dynamic is which sustains any monolithic ideology.


The Act of Creation is the most daunting motion as it also constantly demands to let go the old, stretches and collapses paradigms, while ever widening the meaning of Reality. The problem is that education teaches the exact opposite by imposing norms. Any new element invading the daily routine is met which such a challenge that most prefer to rely on (whatever) organizations thinking for them. Such a stance is the result of an induced linear thinking, a mental construct, agreeing that control structures are needed regardless of social and technological evolution because we cannot get rid of man's primitive traits. That if cavemen had to hunt, we are condemned to chase money just like them and must accept that some are better at it, and therefore deserve to rule and print our currencies. In a nutshell, such a Consensus regards boom and bust economic cycles as a fatality of life, just as war. Only a non dualistic approach will conclude, and if taking a closer look at all those financial crises dotting human history, that there is another interpretation at stake and which is that those cycles were mere repetitive warnings calling up our senses to quit harming ourselves and the emergency to fix such a detrimental pattern. From this conclusion also springs another one, that either monetary science is a fallacy that needs to be abandoned or just meant to be deceptive.


Unfortunately it is too late to replace 'money printed out of thin air' with currencies backed by intrinsic values such as gold and silver. Our economic paradigm began to inexorably contract with the Information Age, the invention (rather discovery) of the computer. What seems to have worked out for millennia, isn't really as it seems as the model has also greatly improved the 'art of killing' on a massive scale. The Emphatic Society section expounds on this more deeply. When the Act of Creation serves the 'art of killing' and 'monetary speculation', there is only one aftermath possible as the dynamics is exponential, and which can only translate into devastating shocks to the system.


As we can see today, The Information Age is ever increasing the speed of communication and shaping the Mind Matrix, the Collective, making it blatant that nothing is like it seems. As a matter of fact, Reality has always been about what we want to make of it as it depends on the information readily available and which one perceives to be accurate. However, the Information Age has also allowed man's creativity to surpass itself, it is the main drive propelling technology, and by technology it is meant Robotics essentially. Robotics is a trend that many still regard as science fiction or associate with awesome gadgets. This perception shifts somehow their lack of concern about what is merely ten to fifteen years ahead and will impose upon societies unprecedented shock waves. The only way to avoid the latter is to declare the Information Age as anti-humanitarian but how realistic is it? Can we block the advance of Knowledge itself when societies already rely so much on computerization? Achieving this would send us back to a late 1800's lifestyle, prior the Industrial Revolution. These are the choices that we are faced with... either way, both options would bring about a paradigm collapse caused by the Act of Creation, which is thus metaphysical in essence. Failing to comprehend the purpose of the Act Of Creation brings about The Act of Destruction. The nature of the Act of Creation is benevolent and there cannot be any benevolence in any profit driven system. The widespread mindset of chasing money is at the core of world afflictions and upheavals.


The advance of Robotics will affect everybody, from the factory worker to the surgeon as machines will eventually become smart enough to take over their tasks. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, computers will self-build, and this means that even software programmers, engineers and decision makers will not have a job anymore. The media industry is already close to become entirely digitalized and at some point, virtual characters will replace today actors and TV anchors. Considering this very near future environment, what is exactly the future of money? Hard money, currency backed by gold and silver, won't be of any help either since jobs cannot be created. Considering that such an important matter is not debated by the media daily, most are not prepared for what can be summarized as the end of society as we know it. One can discuss at length AI and the threat it may represent, but one thing is more than certain is that AI will be at the image of those who created it (and whose need for mass control is unlimited) and the Collective's reaction to a chaotic change of perceptions. Regardless of whether societies decide to outlaw the progression of Knowledge and impose upon themselves to return of a 1800s lifestyle or embrace the consequences of navigating uncharted territories, there is no way around it: a crisis in Consciousness awaits mankind. This crisis isn't new at all, it has always existed deep within our fragmented self but so far had remained completely silent, insidious, and now on the brink on an inevitable 'inner revolution'.


What led to this impasse isn't the evolution of Knowledge per se but rather the value attributed to money, its chase since its inception, the ensuing institutionalization of 'usury' and borrowing the future as if there are no tomorrows. The world economy is so leveraged that any attempt to slow down spending habits, either by an interest rate increase, self restrain or the implementation of hard currencies, will cause a global economic crash. Social Darwinism is the drive of the run up for profit and forced consumerism that keep the system afloat, which sustain and cause scarcity and in turn impose subjective values. Indeed what is the value of just anything we can think of when the global debt is so many times higher than its GDP? What to think of economic prosperity when some countries enjoy a bigger credit line than others and determine the level of economic manipulation as a result? For millennia long man has tried to patch a feeling of aloneness by making sense of elusive materialistic pursuits. The right to ownership and privatization of natural resources are too about to become a fiction clearly establishing that nobody owns Earth. Instead, She owns us and gives us everything free of charge and therefore is a model we ought to follow with dedication. It is the failure of observing Her own Natural Law that causes environmental destruction. It is the rampant persistence to accumulate wealth or struggle to keep the little we own that deters from acknowledging the set of Cosmic Principles governing Free Will and that there is no Free Will without Emphaty.


As demonstrated above, the dilemma is definitely esoteric in the sense that The Act of Creation mirrors that the purpose of materialism is to allow the Cosmic Mind to reveal Itself. Our Physical Reality does exist to interpret and manifest the Cosmic Mind mirroring Itself back to us. For Enlightenment to take over, we need to grasp the implications of failing or ignoring that The Act Of Creation is dictated by the Cosmic Mind. Any financial model based on profit and speculation will always seeks ways to lower the costs of production, and therefore is immoral because the Consensus wants the Collective to believe that hard work is always rewarded. Ending this erroneous perception implies the end of money as we know it. Life itself comes to a zero sum game which can no longer be passed onto the next generations. The market exists as an illusion, or delusion, that society can cheat this very zero sum game. More Knowledge does not lead to more wealth but less materialism. With the responsibility of knowing comes which of understanding the very dual nature of Life and that a money free society governed by the Act of Cteation is the only path possible to explore and achieve world peace and more importantly, Infinite Awareness. (to be continued)



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  • The sum total of each man's giving determines the standard of man's civilization. Unity of man has always been impossible in a world of fear and discontent where every man fears every other man as an enemy -- Walter Russell

    Man' s power lies in giving. He must learn to give as Nature gives. Each half of a cycle eternally gives to the other half for re-giving. Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into one. Each individual must manifest this universal law. The desire of some so-called 'apron string' parents to run their children' s lives for them, often claiming that they have sacrificed their very own lives for them, are taking from their children - not giving. They are taking away the initiative children need to complete their own cycles: they must live their own lives for themselves. Man must know the principle of Creation: giving between each interchanging opposite half of each cycle for the purpose of repeating its giving. This is universal law and each individual must manifest this law. Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not given as an earned reward for his giving -- Walter Russell