Client Disclaimer for Hypnosis

Celine Kayser-Scherman,

I, the undersigned, understand that Hypnosis is about inducing suggestion teaching an individual to use his or her own abilities for their own benefit.

I realize that Hypnosis is open to symbolic interpretation and that I am responsible for either accepting or rejecting these suggestions based on my own personal belief system.

Individual results may vary, depending on my willingness to participate and accept suggestions.

I understand that I am in full control at all times, and that at the end of the session I am capable to awaken fully without fear of staying in trance. While hypnosis has many beneficial effects, it is not meant to replace any medical model, medication, medical or psychological care.

I understand that if I am under constant physician's or therapist's care, I will need to provide a written referral from my doctor or therapist before I can participate in hypnosis.

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