The Electromagnetic Universe implies a Duality between the positive and negative which makes it possible for the current to flow and spread and sustain Life. That very Duality is encoded in Nature, which is why Humans have a brain with two hemispheres. The Holistic Brain is characterized by an harmonious interaction between the two sides. The brain doesn't create Consciousness because Consciousness exists outside the brain. The brain is the 'device' to connect with It. Any neuroscience research discarding Consciousness regards the brain a mere computer, and while it may be true to some extend, this stance is nonetheless a flawed programming denying the existence of a Greater Reality. But scientists are encountering more challenges as they have recognized that 'quantum theories' are the speculative and metaphysical foundations of Consciousness. Their investigations do not really lead anywhere but to the same question mark getting bigger as time goes by. However, there is a 'theory of everything' which does exist nonetheless and is manifested by 7 self-existing Principles as explained in the introduction of this book. Although all of them are continually and simultaneously at play, The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality essentially focuses on which of Mentalism, Correspondence, Gender and Polarity.


The Left Brain regulates logic, planning and authority structures, controls feelings but is also very survival oriented and therefore dominant. The Right Brain is dedicated to open ended questions, intuition, spirituality and creativity, is fluid and spontaneous and also nurturing and thus more passive. While the two sides of the brain split up tasks, they are also prompted to collaborate and remain in sync. Negatively, if either part becomes chronically dominant, the Left Brain also represents authoritarianism and rigid skepticism, all of which suppresses emotions; whereas the Right Brain represents blind belief or naivete suppressing rational thinking.


Moreover, it isn't much important to be 'all knowing' but have the ability to holistically decipher emotions through the encoding of the 7 Principles, or Natural Laws, into brain patterns. Unfortunately, when a society is as much out of balanced and thus overpolarized as ours, the communication between the two hemispheres is deprived from its efficiency. If the brain doesn't operate well, how can societies favor more peaceful resolutions over wars for example? A disharmony in thought processing instills a lack of critical awareness. Such a brain is of course a lot more prone to be influenced as it has to cope with the same polarization mirrored by the environment back to it. Holographic Principle is a Natural Law dictating the awareness of the Mind Matrix, or Collective, which in turn determines the polarization level. A balanced brain is characterized by its flexibility to weigh downsides and upsides in any train of thought as nothing is neither entirely true nor false. Too much optimism often blinds one and too much negativity often initiates a radical change for the better. The philosophical issue at stake here is the following: Do we really need to go through states of blindness and radical changes? Since our physical reality implies that perfection doesn't exists, the focus on limiting as much as possible their occurrence should remain a priority at all time as it would make us happier as a result.


In the West and most part of the world, societies have predominantly been patriarchal, left brained oriented, imposing their definition of Gender, and especially the female sex, all of which surely explains why Feminism so rapidly took off. Although started with genuine intentions, the movement turned into another speculative market which subverted its initial aims. While there is more political background that may be interesting to point out, the aftermath only matters. Emancipation just added another layer of left brained issues to the already dysfunctional state of affairs between Genders. The core issue with Feminism is that it subtly or more blatantly glorifies female domination, exploiting the male components in women at their own detriment, and which men perceived as too confrontational. But since men have always been trapped by left brained views themselves, they cannot correct what it is. At this pace and if we carefully and objectively analyze relationships around us, most of them project an ever increasing Fear of Being.


The most obvious and recurrent left brain pattern is characterized by the militarization of societies and which thus dictates the notion of family values and Freedom in the broad sense. As a matter of fact, as long as war continues to exist, society will remain dreadfully imbalanced. By definition a balanced society is which offering diversity in thinking while empowering the Masculine and Feminine alike without which procreation brings about undesirable consequences. This aspect is given a lot more attention in the Empathic Society section. The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality regards the choice to remain absolutely free from bounds and childless as valuable as any other one as long as there is such an agreement between those involved. For further input, the Hedonism section is recommended.


Pornography is another left-brain phenomenon that should be 'consumed' with the appropriate awareness as it induces the idea that bodies as mere objects and orgasm machines disconnecting from the Self. Sexuality is becoming more and more devoid of any profound emotions and favors fast-food-like pleasures instead. Consume and dispose so to speak, and this approach denies the deep emotional inner working Sexuality requires to attain a long and lasting fulfillment, which when lacking, reveals another left-brain side effect known as 'insatiable lust' being itself at the core of an ever increasing dissatisfaction. The Lust, Fear and Bondage section aims at delving further into the topic. Nowadays, the number of people seeing a shrink because of a failed sexual relationship is discombobulating. But since psychoanalysis is itself the product of a left brained society, the cure is as bad as the problem.


Now a few words about the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine. The terms refer to a perfect balanced interaction between intellectual and psychic polarities above all, as both are aware of their dual natures emanating from their brain's hemispheres. The feminine containing masculine traits and otherwise. The New Age attempts to turn it into a spiritual movement is kind of misguiding as its followers so rarely empathize on the Natural Law of Gender associated with it but its pagan origins and celebrations. New Age workshops, as a market practice, tend to sensationalize the terms therefore. While the latter may offer the beginning of an answer, this consumerist trend is another left brain imprint tainting and undermining the goal sought to achieve. As articulated in the Empathic Currency section, monetization is a left brain characteristic. The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality does not encourage such an approach and therefore exclusively relies on donations.


Consenting adults are absolutely free to express their Sexuality the way they wish, as long as they engage in it consciously. It is the level of Awareness that defines as to whether a behavior is going to harm or enhance one's life. And so far, Left Brained politics have coerced for much too long people's feelings, sexual orientation and family values alike - all of which eroding Free Will. (to be continued)


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