You must know for yourself, directly, the truth of yourself and you cannot realize it through another, however great. There is no authority that can reveal it - J. Krishnamurti

Inter-racial born in Africa and raised in Europe, Celine Kayser landed in the New York two years before 9-11. While residing in The Big Apple, she has worked as a documentary-film producer assistant and on several screenplays, handled shareholders' inquiries for Wall Street law firms into international settlements, became a certified practitioner of Hypnosis in 2007 and has been a Numerologist for about 25 years. In 2009, she decided to leave Manhattan and the corporate world behind and embarked on a Journey to explore the meaning of Life. On her road trip, she has earned a living as a care taker for the elderly, gas station employee, landscaper and farmer while writing her internet investigative columns. She has extensively written about the global financial structure but has recently started focusing on the privatization of natural resources as highlighted by the inspirational internet documentary 'Thrive'. In the months ahead, she looks forward to being a guest on radio shows, and becoming a full-time writer with the help of donations or/and organizations supporting her work.

Celine K. is an atypical and autodidact thinker whose background is quite eclectic. Philosophy has always been a major interest of hers. Walter Russell and J.Krishnamurti influence her writings. She also attentively follows the amazing developments in Epigenetic Research - led by Bruce Lipton - and firmly believes that the Darwinian Age is coming to an end. With Sacred Geometry and Vedic Math, she begun to see the Universe with a new understanding, that the entire Cosmos is indeed mathematically designed to be this way. Celine K also investigated Ancient Knowledge for many years to unroot the esoteric origins of 'good and evil'. She is a voluntaryist at heart and this means that she chooses to trust the human nature above all, Humans are capable of self-governing themselves when not coerced in any fashion as the respect for each others' perceptions is essential to individuality and the growth of society itself.

Now a world traveler and currently preparing her trip to Latin America, she rather regards herself as an 'earth custodian' working toward promoting a shift in perceptions within the Holographic Matrix we currently live in, governed by two polarities, Love and Fear, and whose political exploitation not only compartimentalizes the fabric of society but disconnects the 'Soul of Mankind' from its Prime Purpose.


In the 'Empathic and Currency Society' sections, Celine K, questions the perception of happiness, the human nature, success and deconstructs old social persistent myths explaining why current frameworks cannot be fixed. She analyzes the future of money in a world that will be soon robotic driven, hence the urgent need to adjust the definition of 'existence'. Moreover, what is the real nature of the Unknown often pejoratively called utopia? But living in a multi-century year old system, which has morphed Earth into a prison without bars will demand at some point to resort to navigating uncharted territories, the Unknown precisely, and the acknowledgement of the all encompassing Natural Laws.

In The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality, Celine approaches the difficult and daunting subject of emotions as Sexuality is the most powerful Force in the entire Universe, without which nothing can exist. Everything, including thoughts, being created out of positive and negative electromagnetic fields. Male and Female. It is thus extremely important to identify and grasp the Cosmic Mind where those Two Forces originate from. The lack of Awareness can only lead to not only misuse Sexuality but brings about shattering illusions as this Force too often blinds us to the Reality of what is, hence can quickly turns Sexuality into psychic bondage. Celine K. contends that in term of sexual behaviors between consenting adults, there is no right nor wrong per se, at the condition to approach them with the appropriate Awareness. Psychoanalysis cannot help resolve dilemmas but even worse, strengthens them further as it deliberately discards Oneness Principles that truly are the foundation of harmony. This section also takes a insightful look at the 'left and right sides' of the brain's activity, in turn Male and Female, which determines our choices, and why in fact, most societies have been 'left brained' oriented so far, a model that needs to be abandonned as it only can exacerbates disagreements between sexes. This online book was previously titled 'The Metaphysics Of Sex'.

Another project of hers is simultaneously being developed and titled: "Blueprint For The Money-Free and Voluntarist Futuristic Society, Man As Earth Custodian", and whose objective is to prepare for the inevitable trends awaiting societies around the corner, and thus to brace ourselves for a 'revolution of the mind'. She is restlessly working on the launch of The Earth Custodians fundraiser, a movement calling for a major shift in thinking.

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Celine K can be reached at: metaphysicsofsex at gmail dot com and welcomes donations